About Us

EthicSport – professional sports nutrition

EthicSport® is a leading Italian brand in sports nutrition.It was born out of careful research and study of the latest findings in science and nutrition, with the purpose of meeting the nutritional needs of all athletes.

Our experience comes from the field and is growing day by day thanks to the collaborations with professional teams, sports federations, medical staffs and Universities

EthicSport® professional food supplements have been developed to optimize performance during all phases of sports, with a particular focus on endurance sports.

  • The effectiveness, safety, high digestibility and great taste of the products are just some of the reasons, which made EthicSport® the most sought-after sports nutrition brand in Italy.

Guarantees for athletes

Each new product is born out of a careful study of scientific literature, in full respect on the human body. The EthicSport® products are exclusively made with the finest raw materials and with the highest manufacturing standards. Each product’s formulation is unique and offers athletes their best performance during training or competitions.


SAFETY is fundamental to us; each batch of EthicSport® food supplements is tested by independent laboratories of public health and is subjected to microbiological and anti-doping tests to prove the compliance with the hygienic-sanitary requirements in force. Each batch of food supplements is tested free from nandrolone and testosterone with their precursors, free from ß2-agonists, amphetamines and ephedrines. Several EthicSport® products are also GLUTEN FREE.

The Mission

EthicSport® was born with the aim of spreading a rigorous and scientific approach to sports activities, to help tackling the illegal practices, which are polluting the sports world both at a competitive and amateur level.

Our commitment is oriented to the continuous search for new products that meet the actual needs of athletes. EthicSport® is quality and research for your best performance.